Creative Cartography Meets Music in The Song Map

Oh yes, I love art… I also love music too, heck, who doesn’t right? Well, I know you GeoGeeks and music lovers will really dig this one as we stumble onto yet another amazing cartographic product that quite simply will make you say WOW – enter the Music Map. Deisgned by the crew at Dorothy, the map is a a fictional Music Town with places and street names penned from popular tunes – imagine walking down the Highway to Hell! Oh and the map also has an accompanying Spotify list too – sweet!  See more over on NME and thanks to @mcg_h  for the Tweet!

Song Map is available for purchase from Dorothy – About the Map – The print, which was inspired by our own unhealthy obsession with music, is for fellow music geeks and includes an A-Z key listing all featured songs along with the names of who sang them. And we’ve set up a playlist on Spotify to accompany the Map providing 23 hours worth of music.