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Businesses That Aren't Using Mobile? Sad But True

Businesses That Aren’t Using Mobile? Sad But True

I stumbled onto some research findings recently and what got my attention was not the headline, but rather, what the headline didn’t say. The pitch was that according to a study, 66% of small business use mobile technology (smartphones, tablets) but when you think about that, what it really states is that 34% of small business don’t use [or support] mobile technologies… wow! That’s stunning really… and apparently the common excuse is a “lack of customer demand”.  Huh??

To me that sounds like lack of innovation, lack of motivation, and likely lack of a will to succeed. By using mobile technologies in some form, small businesses can monitor and conduct social media marketing, launch mobile ad campaigns, serve up mobile friendly websites, and provide mobile friendly point of sale for customers. Other business tasks that can be accomplished using mobile technology to enhance productivity include: calendar and scheduling tasks, communications, accounting, routing/mapping, news, travel planning, and much more.

For a business to take the mindset that they don’t have the time or that mobile isn’t relevant to their business is a recipe for disaster. See more in these research findings from Constant Contact

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