OpenStreetMap Rolls Out a New easy map editor and Switch2OSM

Some big news from the OSM crew today via the official blog as OpenStreetMap is now boasting a new online map editor for users making it easier for everyone according to the team. Codenamed “iD” the resource now boasts a much easier UI enabling the crowd to contribute more data, faster and without hassles. Additionally, OSM is looking for additional funding from the community and has announced an online home where the community can donate to the effort – See

This from OSM… “OpenStreetMap’s growth in the past two years has been phenomenal,” explained Simon Poole, chairman of the OSM Foundation. “We’ve seen an explosion in the amount of local knowledge our mappers contribute to the map. This has encouraged more and more big-name websites and apps to switch to OpenStreetMap, while also enabling map hackers and geo enthusiasts the world over to build startling, imaginative visualisations from our open data.”

FYI, new OpenStreetMap users with a modern browser will automatically use the new iD editor. For developers, The editor software is entirely open source, with code available on github under an ultra-permissive licence.

See complete details on the OSM Blog