Skobbler ForeverMap 2 + Mapdust OpenStreetMap Bug Reporting

I recently downloaded skobbler Forever Map (2) and have to admit that it is pretty darned sweet! Just grabbed the latest release on iPad and have been banging around a little with the functionality. There’s a nice UI, navigation is sweet, and then there’s the offline maps – wicked handy! A nice surprise was stumbling onto Mapdust Skobbler’s OSM map update/bug reporting service.

Using your skobbler account you can browse bugs and report them as well. I added a correction using the web client (you can’t seem to do this on iPad as far as I can see). I’m also really digging the integration of the map reporting tool though, something that hasn’t been terribly easy and intuitive for OSM to date in my opinion [for Joe public that is]  – there’s even an RSS feed of ongoing bug reports too – great stuff.  Finally, a heads up that ForeverMap 2 is currently on sale in the iTunes store for just 99 cents, however, I hear that is a sale price and it will be jumping up slightly very soon! See

For more details about Forever Map see this PR – skobbler launches ForeverMap 2 travel app for iO