Live Mapping of San Fran Transit with LiveBus

Transit data is co cool and there’s no doubt that the transit app (on mobile) is now the defacto go-to example for coolness when it comes to mobile app development rather than the previous favorite pizza finder or coffee house locator examples. Thanks to James for tipping me off to this interesting article on TNW that explained the very cool SanFran LiveBus service showing real-time(almost)  bus movements – yes they are actually all moving in real-time in front of your eyes.  Indeed Google transit data is awesome and WAY useful to any local bus service so it’s so awesome to see more clever apps and services being built by the clever developers. Note, the LiveBus app is available to iOS users from iTunes and was inspired by a similar service from the UK showing a live Underground map

Note: code used for the LiveBus app has been made available on Github