Tweets from the GeoGeeks in Palm Springs at #DevSummit

No doubt some of you are in Palm Springs this week for the annual Esri BP Summit and the Dev Summit where team Esri will be showcasing their latest solution offerings and sharing their roadmap for the future… those of you not there you will also hear more on this in July at ESRIUC. Recall you can stay informed of updates from the Springs by following @esridevsummit on Twitter as well as the #devsummit hashtag – keep an eye open for links to videos from Esri and updates from this morning’s plenary! Some interesting updates on the twitter stream today as the GeoGeeks have been sharing loads of goodies… here’s a few interesting tweets:

  • @JimBarry New site for developers in time for #Esri #DevSummit
  • @SterlingGIS You’ll be able to “federate” your ArcGIS server with Portal for ArcGIS, allowing shared identity store and hosting of services
  • @chrisjepps  Scott Morehouse onstage – lots of mentions of Apps and even an App marketplace (18 months away?) #DevSummit
  • @RichRuh  ArcGIS platform is “what we used to call ArcGIS Online” – Scott Morehouse #DevSummit
  • @DaleLoberger  “#GIS has always been more than pins in a map or driving from here to there.” Scott Morehouse #DevSummit << its a platform for analytics!
  • @dafkobyte  Reminder: ArcGIS Viewer 3.2 for Flex source is now on GitHub
  • @DaleLoberger “Fork your code.”on http// or better yet “pool it back.” Euan Cameron #DevSummit – Developers are a community (or “platform”)
  • @skendrot World Geocode service and World Routing service fully documented for developers to use in  apps #DevSummit
  • @SethPatrich “We are sending the program to the data, rather than sending the data to the program” –Mansour Raad on Big Data with Hadoop. #devsummit
  • NOTE – Esri #DevSummit Plenary Videos and The Adventures of Dev Dude now online

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest