Hey birders – The Ultimate Bird Photobooth for Photographers

Woah, this is way cool.. too bad I didn’t notice it before it maxed out on KickStarter though! Given that I’m a photo nut, luv mobile technology and really dig birds this is a natural for yours truly… check out this clever photobooth for birders!

Setup the stand, add bird food, watch on your iPAd and snap away.. awesome! Some details… This new interactive window into everyday nature inspires both kids and adults to become, photographers and thinkers,while remotely capturing high-resolution video footage, sounds, and photos of birds at unprecedented close proximity. It transforms your iPhone/iTouch or GoPro into the ultimate secret recorder of your backyard world up close. Before you know it you will be naming the birds in your backyard and sharing with your friends

See the project on KickStarter HERE