Sequester and Spending Cuts are Days Away – Some Poll Findings

Indeed the budget cuts may run deep as time passes and for many in business, the topic of sequestration is on the mind – no doubt this will also be discussed by many this week at the Esri FEDUC. Harris has recent;y polled Americans on their thoughts regarding budget spending and budget cuts and to no surprise, the poll finds that only rather small minorities of the public want to cut most of the biggest federal government programs. Perhaps the biggest surprise that I see in this is the huge number of those surveyed who favor cuts in spending and funding for business!

Some highlights of the findings… Only 12% of the public want to see a cut in Social Security payments

19% want to cut federal aid to education and 23% want to cut federal health care programs. half or more of Americans want to cut are foreign economic aid (77%), foreign military aid (74%), spending by regulatory agencies (55%), subsidies to business (54%), federal welfare spending (51%), and the space program (50%). aid.

See more details and tabular results from the Harris Poll HERE