MOO Adds NFC Business Cards

I’m a huge fan of MOO and their awesome business card solutions… I’ve been toting around high quality, fun MOO cards for a few years now. This week MOO has rolled out a new offering in NFC enabled MOO cards. NFC is cool, mobile technology, however, to date it really hasn’t taken off fast in North America. The idea is relatively simple – a card is chip enabled and the data chip contains some kind of information. When the chip comes into close contact with an NFC enabled device (like a smartphone), an action takes place, like telling the device to open a map, a specified document, or simply passes along some important contact information. Definitely cool indeed, however, I have to wonder how much luck I would have in asking people to touch their device to my card and I’m also guessing that many folks will have to wonder if their smartphone is even NFC enabled… I’m not sure if mine is!  See details at

NFC Business Cards from MOO from MOO.COM on Vimeo.