2 Million Hidden Geocaches and counting…

How cool is it to see that the sport of Geocaching is now boasting almost 2 million hidden geocaches… wow! The crew at Geocaching.com has a real time (almost) count tracking the number of registered geocaches and it’s rapidly approaching 2 million. Most of us Geogeeks have at least tried to geocache and uncovered one or two, and if you haven’t and in particular, if you have kids, you need to get outside and try it! There’s no doubt that the smartphone revolution and the supporting mobile apps and really given the sport a kick in the butt so get online, register at geocaching.com, get a hint about a cache that’s hidden nearby (I guarantee that there is one) get out there and find it – it really is a blast!  Read more about the 2 million count HERE on the official blog

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