Yes Indeed, Another Canadian hangs out with James – me!

I got a surprise message this morning from James Fee and decided, with about 3 minutes warning, to hangout with him in his weekly, Wednesday morning hangout to talk geo, and a few other topics! If you have a free hour and 3 minutes to kill stream this in the background and listen to James and I as we talk Geo, kickstarters, mapbox, Landsat, Python, ESRIUC, Metalachi, baseball, dogs, Amazon, DevSummit, DevMeetup, data viz, and a bunch of other topics.. we basically covered just about anything you can think of!! Feel free to drop a comment here if you have any feedback or input on any of the topics we covered… via the James Fee Youtube Channel

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One Response to Yes Indeed, Another Canadian hangs out with James – me!

  1. James Fee says:

    We covered everything I believe….

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