With Landsat 8 DOI / NASA Partnership to Strengthen STEM Careers

This news on the heel of the launch of the next generation of the LDCM and the continuation of the Landsat program – the satellite is expected to transmit images and data about the Earth within 100 days.

Salazar today  released a new strategy to strengthen and inspire education and careers in (STEM. Interior’s STEM strategic plan is designed to provide a five-year framework for engaging the American public—particularly youth underrepresented in STEM fields—to become scientifically literate stewards of our natural and cultural resources while building a future workforce that fully represents the diversity of America for the 21st century… Interior employs nearly 15,000 scientists and engineers, many of whom will be retiring in the coming decade. By emphasizing fields of study in STEM, the Department is better positioned to fill in these critical gaps.

The five-year STEM plan is available at:

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