Timbre Location Based Music Finder

Just in time for the Grammys, Timbre is an interesting location-aware mobile app that boasts letting music find you, putting live music venues just a click away. The app has been fully localized in 22 languages and is now free to download in 36 countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany and Japan. With over 2 million artist discoveries and 70,000 ticket requests made with the app, Timbre is building on the momentum gained in 2012. When a user selects an artist, they are presented with the band’s most popular songs and a poster page with upcoming concert details including venue, date and time. The user can listen to more songs by the artist, purchase concert tickets or return to discovering other bands performing nearby. Concert information can be shared via email, text message (SMS), Twitter, and Facebook. See more at http://www.timbreapp.com or on Twitter @Timbreapp.

See Timbre App Encouraging Local Music Discovery One Location at a Time: From Boston to Tokyo to London

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