TweetPing is Mapping The World’s Twitter Activity in Real Time

I simply had to share details of this awesome  real-time map of the world’s Twitter activity so you could enjoy the awesomeness of it! Enter TweetPing. The project, reportedly based on Node.js has been designed by Franck Ernewein.

Users view the service on a map of the world while real-time tweets stream by at lightning speed, lighting up on the map where the tweet activity originated from. The result is a “World at night” effect on the map with hotspots of tweeting lighting up like the fourth of July! What’s really cool is the dashboard provided in the lower area, divided by continent. The user can hover over a continent tabular region and the corresponding area on the map will then be highlighted. A table of twitter results updates in real time for each area, displaying the number of tweets, popular hashtags, twitter @names of last mentions and more… it really is quite astounding and impressive! A pie chart breaks up the World into pieces of the pie, each representing the relative twitter activity. Check out TweetPing at