Twitter May Be Resetting Your Password, But Don’t Worry

So, you may have received an odd email message from Twitter recently suggesting that you go change your password.. actually, not even suggesting but rather, they’ve reset it for you and you need to go to a provided weblink and complete the update. At first, perhaps like you, I was a little suspect of such a message and brushed it off. However, it seems that indeed the message is legit and my password was in fact reset by Twitter – likely a good thing anyway as I haven’t changed it in some time!

According to a post on the official Twitter blog titled “Keeping Our Users Safe” it seems there’s been repeated attempts at hacking Twitter – Like many recent US cyber attacks I suspect China and hackers in China to be the suspected culprits. Twitter has in-turn taken these precautions to keep our accounts sake, so don’t freak out if you get a similar e-message from them… just click the provided link, reset your PW and don’t forget to remember what it is!