Mapping Vulnerable Populations – Esri Flu Impact Map

The Esri Vulnerable Populations Flu Impact Map ( and Health Information Map are available from Esri as part of their ongoing flu and public health coverage. The Vulnerable Populations Flu Impact Map displays crowdsourced flu reports by ZIP Code over Esri demographic data for seniors and children under 5. The Health Information Map shows flu surveillance reports from the CDC  and related social media. You can customize the map by zooming or panning and changing the keywords or date ranges to localize geo-tagged social content. Both the default map or your customized version can be embedded on your news site by using the Link button.

Details from Esri… See which populations are most at-risk from the 2013 flu outbreak. Crowdsourced flu reports by ZIP Code courtesy of Select a vulnerable population using the tabs and click any state or county to view demographic information from Esri.