GeoNuggets – a few cool updates on FME, GeoGathering, searchOGC and LiDAR

A quick update on several items I found interesting…  our friends Don and Dale from Safe Software recently hosted a coming out party so to speak, for FME 2013, the company’s flagship product. Available today (See PR), FME2013 boasts more than 741 feature updates and according to the team is fast, very fast – like 642X faster than FME 2012! In 2013 workbench gets a rewritten interface, provides direct ZIP write, supports complex calculations, and handles many new data formats, it even supports KuntaGML for those of you in Finland! You can download it today and the great news is that the team may be hitting a city near you very soon when the 2013 FME World Tour kicks off!

Moving forward, those of you in Colorado and/or those of you interested in data collection and pipeline decision making, take note that GeoGathering 2013 is set for August 21-22, 2013 in Colorado Springs, CO. This year’s theme focuses on how operators collect and share information about their assets to increase operational safety and improve pipeline decision making – the call for Abstracts is now open. Finally, plans for ILMF are well under way as that event will take place next month in Denver. Reps from GISuser and our sister publication, LiDARnews, will be on location – be sure to grab the most recent hard copy of LiDARnews Magazine while there and enjoy the event as you hear about the booming LiDAR industry and relevant solutions and technologies. Looking for data? Well, there’s a new search resource online at enabling you to conduct a quick search for free data and available WMS and WFS services providing open data… nice! Finally, are you passionate about your job? One guy who is comes from Esri  – Joseph Kerski. In this video Joseph reminds you to follow your heart.. some good advice!