Announcing Weekly US Census Data Visualizations

I’m a HUGE fan of data visualizations and I’m always glad to see when awesome companies are working hard to create beautiful, meaningful data visualisations to generate a buzz or tell a story – case in point, just check out what Jon and the gang at IDV have been doing in order to show off the skills and technology that the IDV team have (check out their latest map showing commuting patterns of people in Seattle – it’s amazing! It actually blows my mind that the traditional GIS industry is full of data hounds, developers, hackers, cartographers, and others, most of them having advanced map mapping skills, cartographic expertise, and awesome software at their disposal yet relatively few companies make any effort to create and share amazing data visualizations.

Another feel good story hit my email box today as I heard from International Mapping Associates (see @TaitMaps and @Intl_Mapping) as they described the official roll-out of a project they’ve been working on for the US Census Bureau – The Weekly Data Visualization Series.  Each week, visitors are greeted with an impressive, new data visualization created by mashing up some of the data held by the Census Bureau… this is great stuff! See more details in this announcement or jump directly to

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest