Traffic Tip – Los Angeles Most Congested City then Vancouver

Congrats LA, you win again (sort of…) yes indeed, another research report, this time by TomTom, find Los Angeles to be the worst city in North America for traffic. Kudos also to Vancouver as you guys are #2!

Details… TomTom today announced the results of its latest Congestion Index, which measures traffic congestion in North American cities between July and September 2012. The top ten most congested North American cities, ranked by overall Congestion Level, between July and September 2012 were:

1. Los Angeles (34%)
2. Vancouver (34%)
3. San Francisco (33%)
4. Honolulu (31%)
5. Seattle (27%)
6. Toronto (26%)
7. New Orleans (25%)
8. San Jose (25%)
9. Montreal (24%)
10. Chicago (24%)