AR, the Tardis and 52 weeks of awesome blogging

To wind down this week I’m offering up some kudos and congrats to my friend James who’s just completed an impressive feat with his 5 things on Friday blog series. Today James has rolled out edition #52 of F.T.O.F – you might think to yourself, big deal!! Well, if you do then you’ve obviously never been blogging and never been a hard-core blogger because it really isn’t that simple! I’ve been blogging since 1998, was interrupted for about 3 years with a work project and then continued on with almost regular bloggage since 2003 and believe me it isn’t always easy to be fun, inspirational, and informative… it really does wear on you over time (I’ve seen many, many bloggers come and go over the years, most of them wearing down or burning out, some of them being very popular and high traffic bloggers but simply yanking the plug and moving along to a “better” use of their time) so again, congrats to James – keeping up with a regular format of posts in this form of series has to be rough on the mind at times but man it sure it fun!  In this final post James also shared a very cool video on AR which I’ve taken the liberty of sharing below… enjoy and see also post 52 from James (@whatleydude)


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