Collect Professional Grade GIS Data – Juniper Aspect Webinar Recap

Want to Collect Professional Grade GIS Data without Complicated Mapping Software? Well if so, Juniper Systems answered that question recently via a live webcast. The Topic, Juniper Aspect. Ideally suited for non-GIS professionals, the intuitive user interface of Juniper Aspect is tailored to field crews and maintenance technicians enabling other professionals, and natural resource managers/analysts to quickly and easily capture and manage data in the field. Data capture is possible via the Juniper Mesa and Archer handhelds, while additional data management is then supported by Aspect in the desktop environment.

Via live webinar, Trevor Brown and Scott Hunter of Juniper Systems walked us though a live show and tell and demonstration in order to see the full capabilities of Aspect. Brown commented how the solution is ideally suitable for the non-GIS Pro and the app draws on the experience of Juniper who many know as the developer of the popular Archer and Mesa rugged devices for field data capture. Read more about Aspect and the webinar HERE

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