The pressure to know something immediately is balderdash…

The title of this post is a quote from James, the author of what I found to be a very insightful article that provided loads of much needed common sense. My friend James from London (aka. @whatleydude) is a trusted friend from London who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago at a Nokia hosted workshop.  He’s funny, articulate,knowledgeable, and full of it… and by “it” I mean advice and common sense!

He’s reminded us lately of the need to be social, to get back to the conversation, and forget about the rediculous need for immediacy. Seriously though, if you could have a gift of getting 20 minutes to spend with a long lost friend or relative would you really have your face stuffed into your smartphone screen? Thanks again for the reminder James

The post reminds me of just some of the crazy things that we see or do every day, for example:

  • at a recent lunch meetup I noticed one attendee had tweeted more than 50 times during the hour… seriously?? I’m sure they really got loads out of the excellent speaker!
  • a recent bump into an acquaintance at Starbucks I attempted to start a quick conversation but the person was too concerned with doing a checkin on Path
  • or the familiar sight of 2 people having dinner and anxiously texting away to others while hardly exchanging a word with each other.
  • The “need” to tweet first, regardless of grammar, spelling, or even verifying what you link to

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest