OpenTopography – open and free access to high-res topographic data

Some interesting “super computing” news as The National Science Foundation (NSF) has renewed funding for OpenTopography, an Internet-based project that provides open and free access to high-resolution topographic data collected by technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). OpenTopography was initially developed as a proof-of-concept cyberinfrastructure project for the earth sciences as part of the NSF Information and Technology Research (ITR) program-funded Geosciences Network (GEON) project, and continues to emphasize innovative cyberinfrastructure approaches to the online storage, access, and processing of large topographic datasets.

During the first three years of operations, the OpenTopography user community has grown to several thousand registered and guest users and a catalog of half a trillion LiDAR points! See more on the project HERE

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