Fishery Analyst Online Maps spatial patterns of fishery dynamics

Here’s details of a very clever webmapping service from Mappamond  and VIMS – Fishery Analyst Online (3.0). According to the developers, Fishery analyst Online was born as a web adaptation of Fishery Analyst for ArcGIS Desktop. The latest application was developed using Google and ArcGIS JavaScript APIs and the Dojo framework.

About the App – The web GIS application allows querying the catch data based on species, date, individual length, sex, maturity stage, disease and displaying information about the number of individual caught or the total biomass. Point data can be aggregated in grids of a user defined size. Charts displaying catch by state, research cruise, month and length-frequency histograms are also generated. Currently available data are being collected under the Chesapeake Bay Multispecies Monitoring and Assessment Program, ChesMMAP, started in 2002 and the NorthEast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program, NEAMAP, started in 2006. See  Fishery Analyst Online

See more background info from the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences