State of The Polar Bear Webmap Highlights Shrinking Ice Cap and Loss of Habitat

The official website for the Polar Bear Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission has launched a fabulous webmapping resource enabling users to stay involved and informed regarding the plight of the polar bear.

The dynamic app fires up quickly and presents users with basic information at start up showing areas of the Northern pole where polar bear populations are stable, increasing, or decreasing. Specific population habitats are also shown and provide readers with population estimates and boundaries of ecoregions are also shown.

Users are encouraged to explore the content to find:

  • Comprehensive and updated information on polar bears, and updated and official status information on all subpopulations
  • Documents and info from all previous meetings of the PBSG, from the first meeting in 1965 to the latest meeting
  • Searchable database of more than 1,000 polar bear articles, mostly scientific
  • References and links to further reading on threats and important conservation issues
  • Relevant polar bear news, updated continuously

See the webmap service at

Note, the CBC has also recently published an article describing how Canada must explain polar bear policies and commitments to environmental change to a NAFTA commission. See HERE