Create and Share Awesome Maps Quickly with Mapbox

There’s no question that we are all data collectors, many of us data hoarders but what to do with all that awesome data? Well, naturally the geographer in me wants to create a map. Indeed there’s plenty of choices out there when it comes to map authoring tools including ArcGIS online, Geocommons, Google maps and many many more. One simple yet powerful tool that I’m sure you’ve herd about is Mapbox. In addition to their popular APIs and developer tools, Mapbox also has a sweet map design environment where anyone can create awesome maps, host them in the cloud, and share with the world.

Publishing with Mapbox is simple, just create a free account (or purchase a plan)  and create a new map. You can then easily add markers (POIs) along with awesome cartographic enhancements like a nice marker set. Users can also upload their own data layers or enhanced basemap data and also select from a number of pre-defined basemap layers and display parameters. Set a title, description, save and then share – it really is that easy! Create your own maps at – I’ve shared my own map below showing some of the places I’ve been and also a quick test map showing some photos in my area