Mobile Tip – Open StreetMap (OSM) Editors for iOS

There’s no arguing that OSM is all the rage… we’re now seeing OSM as a basemap layer in many web apps and services and the momentum is getting stronger it seems. With the increased attention on OSM there’s also a great opportunity for the community to contribute to the map and take part in building it and making the data even better. A number of solution providers have made data collection apps and tools for mobile users, in particular, a number of app for iOS are available. the following are a few apps to consider to help you get mapping:

  • Pushpin OSM by Spatial Networks – This one from the makers of Fulcrum, Pushpin enables OSM mappers to easily make edits to the basemap and also add POI locations with relative ease. This app was released in Oct, 2012
  • iLOE OSM Editor – perhaps one of the most popular tools, the iLOE Editor is a favorite of many week-end mappers. The app was developed for iPhon users so they can make edits to the basemap and manipulate nodes and update the OSM database… experience with OSM is suggested so this may not be the best choice for newbies.
  • POI+ for OSM – This is a simple, yet effective POI editor enabling the user to quickly and easily add points to the basemap and categorize them in a logical manner.
  • OpenMaps Pro ($2.99) Browse the maps of OpenStreetMap, download them for offline use, edit the maps (tag editing and node creation), find out where you are, search for addresses, get directions and scan the map for tweets with OpenMaps for iPhone, iPad an iPod touch.

There’s a number of options available for users interested in contributing to OSM and helping to make it better. See also this Wiki for more tips and tricks and be sure to also consult this OSM help resource. For those interested in making OSM edits from the desktop be sure to check out JOSM tool, and see also the OSM editor from esri for ArcGIS