JS.geo 2013 – Meeting of Javascript Mappers Set for the New Year in Denver

I first heard of this event a couple of weeks ago via Peter Batty and today Brian Timoney’s blog post served as a nice reminder – enter JS.geo an un-event for hackers, geogeeks, geo hipsters,  and those interested in all things Javascript. Some event highlights as pointed out by Brian:

  • JS.geo January 14-15, 2013 Denver CO
  • It’s not a “conference” and no one is making money: we’re charging $11.54.
  • There will be no “tracks”: Monday the 14th we’ll have talks (full talks, lightning rounds, etc.) in a single room.
  • The second day, the 15th, we’ll have office space for small-group work, collaborative coding, or free-association white-boarding.
  • Registration is capped at 75 so you better signup fast if you plan on attending