Week-End Reading – Enterprise Mobility for Competitive Advantage

Thanks to the web, there’s loads of great research, white papers, and free reading material available to help get you and your company that competitive advantage you might be searching for. Enterprise mobility is a key focus area for many, particularly those looking to mobile technology for a head start and to gain a little ground on the competition. I discovered a few interesting reports that you might want to add to your reading material and perhaps the iPad library. Hopefully you’ll find a few useful nuggets here that you can incorporate into your business.

  • Enterprise Readiness of Consumer Mobile Platforms This study unveils an evaluation of today’s four leading mobile operating systems – BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, and Google Android – and reveals how they compare to each other based upon twelve categories of security and management criteria
  • 4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App StrategyFind out how your business can expand reach–and revenue–by incorporating a mobile app strategy into your overall IT plans. In a new white paper from Appcelerator, you’ll learn how to launch a successful mobile initiative
  • Making the Mobile ‘Office of the Future’ a Reality TodayWhen it comes to the office of the future, what many people envision is not an office at all — it’s access to the tools and resources they need without going to an actual office. This white paper discusses how to deliver this level of access today
  • iOS 5 SDK New Features –  In this course, Simon Allardice shows developers how to use their existing iOS SDK development skills to work with the features, frameworks, and tools found in iOS 5, including ARC (Automatic Reference Counting), the Storyboards feature in Xcode 4, and iCloud
  • Top Three Characteristics of Successful Enterprise Mobility StrategiesEmployees are eager to embrace a new way of working on devices of their choosing, outside of traditional work hours. But mobility is more than a means of increasing employee productivity. It also presents an opportunity to innovate business processes and service delivery. As such, enterprises are beginning to recognize the value of mobility as a competitive differentiator.

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