Spatial Media Friday Roundup of GeoTech Articles

Our company, SpatialMedia, operates several publications and resources, all touching on some aspect of geo technology. The following are a sampling or recent articles and posts of interest  from the Spatial Media properties… enjoy!

Laser Scanning the Cliffs of Moher – The Cliffs of Moher, located on the western seaboard of County Clare Ireland, are 214m high at the highest point and range for 8 kilometres over the Atlantic Ocean. The brief was to laser scan, prepare a 3D model and high definition video from the resultant point cloud data of a 2km section of the cliffs.

A Technology Trifecta—LiDAR, BIM, and GIS Converge – To more readily facilitate the consolidation of facilities data information, MMSD called upon HNTB, a national, employee-owned infrastructure firm, to conduct a practical research project that pilots a data management approach for LiDAR and building information management (BIM) data. The project specifically studied the practical business applications of integrating 3D design and construction data from an aeration system rehabilitation project into MMSD’s enterprise GIS environment.

Roadway Modeling More Alignments –  The purpose here is to familiarize you with issues involving highway modeling.  They are meant to flag issues for you if you are a model builder.  To get in depth training I recommend going to a hands on class that will take 3 to 5 days. There is also some new online technology that will allow you to take training is small digestible segments as well.  I always recommend training and instruction.

USGS and Google Partner on Emergency Alerts – The Google Crisis Response team wants to make it easy for people to find critical information during emergencies and is doing so by partnering with authoritative sources to include public alert data into Google products.  Users will see public alerts in Google Search and Google Maps based on relevant search queries.

Organized Chaos: How Can Utilities Prepare and Plan for the Unpredictable? So how can utilities prepare and plan for the unpredictable? According to Jeff Lewis, expert in electric utility reliability at PA Consulting Group and ReliabilityOne[TM]program director, successful storm response is managed through “a combination of people, organization, process and technology.” How did the utilities do after Hurricane Sandy?

Social Media Reading… How to Grow & Scale Your Business Blog: Wouldn’t it be great if you could scale the impact of your blog so it makes an even bigger, better, and more powerful dent in your marketing results? If so, it’s time to take your business blogging to the next level. This free e-book from Hubspot will explain!