Edit and visualize GIS data natively in Google Earth with GRGlobe

An interesting new app from SAIC – GRGlobe. Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) recently announced the release of the GRGlobe app, a new commercial software solution to create, edit, and visualize GIS data natively in a Google Earth environment. The app enables the visualization of spatial data by structuring it into organized layers and overlaying the feature data on a Google Earth globe. Intended uses and users of GRGlobe include: government, defense, emergency response, law enforcement, energy, environmental, utility, education, land management, forestry. According to SAIC key benefits of using GRGlobe include:

  • Provides key functionality for adding and importing data from popular GIS and document formats, facilitating data interoperability.
  • Allows users to easily query and search data.
  • Enables data to be categorized logically in a table of contents using attributes and symbology, allowing users to efficiently query and visualize data.
  • Delivers enhanced GIS capabilities by bringing the techniques and tools of structured GIS data and workflows to the Google Earth environment.
  • Saves time and creates added efficiency

See more in this announcement or see also http://www.grglobe.com/

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