Spatial Media Friday Roundup of GeoTech Articles

Our company, SpatialMedia, operates several publications and resources, all touching on some aspect of geo technology. The following are a sampling or recent articles and posts of interest  from the Spatial properties… enjoy!

GIS: Just a Tool: Myth #3: Getting Current Job Data on a Map is Too Difficult  – Now that one third of the GIS System has been built it is now time to implement the rest of the system, the Mapping Engine and the Linkage. Stephen Blaskey explores more in this article

Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Remote Sensing and GIS Together at Last – Here’s a hypothetical situation that happens all too often.  The LiDAR data for the entire state has been captured, which is the good news, but finding the specific data for this project is another story.

Getting started with HTML5 – If you develop web apps and services or mobile apps, or perhaps are considering porting your apps to mobile / tablet devices then there’s no doubt that HTML5 is an important consideration.

Trimble’s New Site Tablet – The new Trimble Site Tablet and on-board Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software provide real-time data to construction professionals for visualizing cut/fill levels, calculating material volumes and communicating work orders to enable better decision making.

A Glimpse At the Future of BlackBerry and the new BBX Dev Platform – At the annual BB Love-fest (aka. BlackBerry DevCon), RIM President & CEO,Mike Lazaridis, greeted the crowd and provided the State of RIM address as well as a roadmap for the future which includes the Blackberry 7 lineup of devices and a new developer platform, Blackberry BBX