Arlington National Cemetery Web Map and Mobile App for iOS and Android

Some interesting news from D.C as the Arlington National Cemetery has released an interactive map (ANC Explorer) available through its website and through a free smartphone app (iOS, Android, and BB). Using geospatial technology, visitors to Arlington can now search the database for markers of family and loved ones or search for notable, historical grave markers.

About the service from…Officials say the new app makes it easier for people walking the cemetery to locate a loved one’s burial place. The app can be downloaded at the cemetery’s visitor center. The database has been the subject of a painstaking review and even now is not 100 percent complete. Katharine Kelley, the cemetery’s director of accountability, said that about 99.4 percent of the nearly 260,000 gravesites, niches and markers have been verified.

According to the official announcement, In the future, ANC Explorer will offer features such as emergency and event notifications, restroom and water fountain locations, shuttle stops, and self-guided tours – see more at