Nokia Q3 2012 Financials See smart device net sales off 56%

If you follow me then you know that I’ve tried quite hard over the years to remain a fan of Nokia and the terrific, high quality smartphones that they churn out – man, they sure have made it tough though!  With staffers coming and going I’ve lost most of my good points of contact within the company, my buds in their Developer arm are long gone, the PR contacts come and go, and the devices just keep on rolling out adding to the confusion for the consumer not to mention fragmentation in their device portfolio – yes, I’ve even been teased and mocked for continuing to hype their stuff. Well, I also do share the bad news and the bleak outlooks.. case in point, the Q3 2012 financials!

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Here in North America you can’t help but feel that the masses have written off Nokia; Lumia is but a line of smartphones that those geeky, Nokia tech bloggers get to test and create cool un-boxing videos with, and outside of New York a Nokia Lumia device sighting is about as common as a Sasquatch sighting! The company has rolled out their Q3 financials and while the overall picture doesn’t come across as totally bleak, a close look paints a cloudy picture – thank goodness they have Nokia Siemens Networks! The following are a few numbers I picked up on from the report:

  • Nokia Group net sales in Q3 2012 were EUR 7.2 billion, down from EUR 7.5 billion in Q2 2012
  • Lumia Q3 volumes decreased quarter-on-quarter to 2.9 million units
  • Mobile Phones Q3 volumes increased quarter-on-quarter to 77 million units; strong sales start for new Asha full touch smartphones, with volumes of 6.5 million units
  • In Location & Commerce, we made progress establishing our platform offering with customers like Amazon. This is in line with our plan to expand our location offering to more customers.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks had a remarkable quarter in which we achieved record profitability
  • Net Sales are down year on year by 19%
  • Mobile phone net sales are down 19% and smart device net sales are off 56%

Disclaimer: my teen-age son is a Nokia user and owner of a Nokia Lumia 800.  He loves the hardware and the Windows Phone experience although his efforts to engage with Nokia via social media have been a complete disappointment and his loyalty and trust in the brand is vanishing quickly – a shame as the company’s focus on the user and the brand was once very strong and the company has really missed the mark in that area during the transition to a relationship with Microsoft and the Win. Phone OS

The complete third quarter 2012 interim report with tables is available at