Esri Acquires Portland, Oregon Start-up Geoloqi to Create new Portland R&D Center

Well, Esri has done it again… Jack has dug into his pockets and scooped up another company, this time it was Portland OR based Geoloqi, a a geeky, startup best known for their geocoding API and location-aware triggers designed to inform mobile users of events and other time and location-sensitive events. Indeed, its interesting to see Esri continue with the pick-up of talent this while the GeoIQ acquisition is still on the minds of many.

One thing I find interesting is how once again there really is no actual mention of the terms purchase, acquisition, buyout etc… rather, the official posts and PR from Esri refer to this as a partnership or that Geoloqi is “joining” Esri – similar to the GeoIQ announcement. Honestly, I really wish these guys would simply come right out and say ok guys, “we’ve bought another company” . According to the official Geoloqi blog, Geoloqi has joined Esri and is essentially now the official Esri R&D Center in Portland, Oregon

The Geoloqi and Esri teams were introduced through a shared contact, and from the beginning it was obvious that the two companies should combine forces

For more see Geoloqi Acquisition FAQ. And see also the official PR from International Geodevelopment Platform Geoloqi Joins Esri

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    maybe this is part of a broader strategy to get R&D centers in all the hip geo-towns. (Watch out Boulder, Austin, etc ….)