ByteLight Impressive Indoor Positioning Using LED Lighting

I love “WOW” technology and here’s just another fine example.. enter ByteLight, indoor positioning solution powered by LED lighting! According to the company, Using ByteLight’s LED lighting-based indoor positioning solution, commercial and enterprise building owners, public safety officials, retail outlets and public spaces such as airports, museums and convention centers can target customized information, special offers and other data directly to users based on their precise location inside a building – nice! See more at



  1. Dan Ryan says

    Hi Kevin,

    Each LED lightbulb is blinking really fast – essentially sending out a “Morse Code”. The code for every light is unique. We can pick up these signals using the existing cameras on any smartphone. A database stores the location of each light, along with its corresponding identifier. So when a mobile device moves underneath a light, we pick up the ID, look up its position, and then infer the position of the mobile device. More lights leads to more accuracy through triangulation.

    Dan Ryan

  2. Laura Milazzo says

    Wow really impressive, that’s a huge innovation and i think it will bring tons of opportunities to all of us.

    Bytelight will be speaking and showcasing it’s product at “Loco Connect 2013″, Europe’s Local Commerce Event