LocalWiki community knowledge project Maps Antarctica

An interesting update on a community mapping effort came my way recently – enter LocalWiki Antarctica. From project co-founder, Michael Ivanov, “Using NASA aerial imagery, the SCAR Antarctic Digital Database, and
open-source tools, we made a special aerial map of incredible detail
that for the first time on the web shows the continent in its true size and
shape (stereographic projection) just for this project.”

This project is unique because it’s as much for the rest of the world to  be able to learn about and feel a connection with Antarctica as it is for anyone who actually has a chance to live there. Details on the production of the map are available on the project blog

About LocalWiki Project – The LocalWiki platform allows collaborators to share descriptions,
anecdotes, or technical explanations along with photographs and even
videos and tie them to geographic locations. Together, these pages
form an annotated, richly-storied map where every type of participant,
from support personnel to scientists, tour guides, and others, has an
equal and uncensored opportunity to share his or her role in the
ongoing story of life in the Antarctic. See more details HERE

Source: localwiki.org via Glenn on Pinterest