Migrate from Blackberry to Android or iPhone with BerryMover

Here’s an interesting app available to mobile device users bailing on their loyalty with Blackberry – BerryMover transfers your BlackBerry contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, text messages and other data over to your iPhone and Android…

Reclaim all the data stuck on your old BlackBerry and view it in BerryMover. Import contacts and appointments; view individual contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, SMS messages, and emails..

Without BerryMover, there would be no way to view the data from your BlackBerry and your valuable info would be stuck there forever


  • A video tutorial on how to get your BlackBerry backup onto your Android and iPhone
  • Simple, fast importing of your contacts and appointments.
  • Select all or only a few items
  • The ability to view appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, text messages and much more.

See http://www.berrymover.com