Nokia Hypes Maps and Google Hypes Transit Directions in Wake of iPhone 5 Release

It seems that Google and Nokia are giving Apple a run for their money today in creating hype.. indeed iPhone 5 activations and sales are dominating social media (you know, all those tweets “I just got my nice new iPhone yadayada…)  but Google and Nokia are both doing a good job of capitalizing on the main pitfall in iOS and iPhone 5 – the loss of Google Maps and apparent crappy experience that iPhone 5 users can expect! Nokia did a good job touting the merits of the Maps service available to users of their Lumia smartphones (including the recently announced Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8) and Google is heavily hyping Google Transit, another very visible and lacking feature on iPhone 5. Case in point, check out this latest video from Google on how to use transit and the latest features in Google Transit Directions.