Benchmarking mobile maps on Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5

With Apple dropping support for Google maps and leaving many wondering about what maps will look like on iOS 6, Nokia is wasting no time touting the merits of Nokia maps and related location technologies. To help users Nokia and their PR arm (@NokiaConnects) have created an interesting info-graphic that compares the functionality of mobile map services from 3 popular smartphones on various platforms – Nokia Lumia 920 (coming soon), Samsung Galaxy S III, and Apple iPhone 5.

  • Among other things, the graphic shares the following:
  • Lumia 920 will work offline
  • Lumia provides turn by turn nav in 110+ countries
  • Public transport services available on the Lumia 920 and Android devices (not on iOS)
  • and more

See more on the source of the graphic, Nokia Conversations blog

What are your thoughts about iOS and no more Google maps? Please feel free to drop a comment…



  1. says

    good compare, but I beg to differ on the “not really” for Samsung’s for “works without data connection (offline)”… just use Google Maps offline!