BCIT GIS Student project and practicum sponsors needed #Geo #EDU

An update from my friend Karl at the BCIT GIS faculty at BCIT in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Karl provides an update and information on this year’s practicum for the GIS program students. About the program – Every year, the BCIT Geographic Information Systems (GIS) students undertake a project or a practicum with a municipal government agency, or other agency, to fulfill their diploma.


In past years, some of the companies that had a BCIT GIS student do a project/practicum are:

  • Teck Resources
  • Gold Fields Canada
  • The Township of Langley
  • Ducks Unlimited, and
  • Chartwell Consultants

The current year of BCIT GIS students started their classes the first week of September. Part of their course load is to locate a sponsor, who will undertake a project or practicum with them in the January – May 2013 timeframe. Would you consider having a BCIT student undertake a project or a practicum with you? The student(s) can help you with a project that you may not have time to develop, or can work on your daily mapping needs as you require.

Additional Information about being a sponsor <PDF>

Additional information about the BCIT GIS program

For those interested in information: There is no cost to the sponsor for a GIS Practicum or Project. For more information, contact:
Karl Kliparchuk, M.Sc., GISP
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Tel: 604-451-6897
Email: karl_kliparchuk@bcit.ca