Mobile Tip – Tracking Flights With Flight Tracker on your Android Tablet

Flight Tracker has always been one of those way cool, wow apps that I’d gladly pay for… luckily for all they have free and pro versions of their awesome apps – and now in case you didn’t know they also have a flavor for Android tablets. Flight Tracker is a must have for keeping tabs on flight information… the app has saved me hours of wasted time that I would have endured by getting to the airport too early and is particularly valuable when you have to do the pickup!

Some details of the new Android Tablet apps: FlightView 2.5 for Android tablets, available in Free, Standard, and Eliteversions – comes loaded with all the flight-tracking and day-of-travel mobile functionality that made its smartphone apps so popular, along with tablet-optimized design and navigation improvements, including:

  • More Intuitive Layout. FlightView users won’t be simply accessing the smartphone app on a larger screen – FlightView 2.5 offers an optimized design which takes advantage of the larger screen size to display a 2-panel layout, enabling users to view more travel information in one place.
  • Easier App Navigation. FlightView 2.5 offers the greatest ease-of-use experience for travelers by incorporating high-level buttons at the top of the screen to enable quick navigation to day-of-travel information.