Correction – Esri Announces ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1

A correction… I first posted this with a title in error that read “Esri announces ArcGIS Mobile for Windows 3.1″… obviously it should read Esri Announces ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1… OOPS! In all honesty though, I have a helluva time with all the Windows, Win dows mobile, Windows Phone, Windoze yadada OS versions… Geeze Microsoft!! Enough already… (@gletham)

Here’s one of interest via the Esri mobile GIS blog as the company has rolled out ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1 (through the customer care portal). This from Jeff (@jeffshaner) via the blog… The 3.1 release builds upon the success of 3.0 with minor software enhancements and quality improvements. However, the exciting news with 3.1 is our joint release of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile and Trimble® Positions™ Software Suite by Trimble®.

See details here & See also details of Trimble Positions

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  1. Jason Baker says

    Err, that’s ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1, not ArcGIS Mobile for Windows 3.1. Though seeing Esri develop new software releases for a twenty year old 16-bit operating system would have really made my day!