Go Black and White With an Awesome Stamen Toner Map

Stamen Maps is fun, and awesome, there’s no question about that! Users can create beautiful maps to embed on their blog or website or simply produce a gorgeous image graphic for use on a poster, business card or ??? Over lunch I messed around for a few minutes with a feature you may not have experienced yet.. the Stamen Toner map option. Using this feature one can create a cool, black and white  inspired map by selecting the basemap option, pan and zoom to an area of interest, then select either the embed live map option or create a static image from the map on the current display – so simple and cool!Below is a Toner map clipped from an area of Vancouver, BC, Canada or you can see a static image that was pinned to Pinterest… luv it!


Author: gisuser

Official Twitter account is @GISuser