CBx5 Control Box Console, ruggedized, touch-screen control box

I’m definitely a gadget freak and a bit of a fan of cool, mobile technology. This bad boy, obviously geared towards a nice market (3D control, construction etc…), from Carlson Software is pretty darned sweet, and innovative! Enter the CBx5 Control Box Console, the next generation, ruggedized, touch-screen control box. It’s designed for use in heavy equipment utilized in mining, landfills, dredging, blast drilling and for other 3D machine control applications.

Some details – Provided exclusively by Carlson Machine Control, the CBx5 Control Box Console operates with a fast, industry-standard Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor and includes MS Windows 7. The CBx5 Control Box Console supports all of Carlson’s machine control application software. The system can be packaged with MineRover™, Landfill Rover™, Basic Earthmover™, and DredgeRover™ software addressing most machine types. In addition, Carlson’s application software has the largest GNSS driver library in the world offering compatibility with most GNSS receivers including receivers manufactured by Trimble, Topcon and Leica.

NICE!! See more details HERE

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