Friday Fun and Suggested Reading – 10 GISuser Articles of Interest

Wow, another Friday here again… Those of you looking for something to read, have a looksee at the following juicy articles and posts of interest to recently hit GISuser and the blog… enjoy!

  1. Bern Szukalski of Esri discusses ArcGIS Online and Software to support the people – Esri’s Bern Szukalski (@bernszukalski) has done a nice job in a recent blog post titled “Enabling the Fifth Part of a Successful GIS” where he takes a hard look at the end user
  2. Twitter Building the User Interest Graph to Appeal to Advertisers – Indeed there’s many changes going on at Twitter these days but what does that mean for you, the user? Well, with Twitter you never really know and for the user Twitter really can be defined as being useful for many various things.

  3. Developers switch to Windows Phone as app momentum continues – Nokia recently announced a broad range of new, innovative apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones, delivering on its commitment to bring consumers app experiences which are unique, differentiated and unavailable on other platforms.
  4. Twitter Rolls Out New, Simple Embed Timeline Widget – Sure you Tweet. you aren’t? Well, perhaps you should think about it. for those of you who do, Twitter has just this week announced a new tool for quickly and easily embedding your tweets into your blog or website
  5. 10 Fun Ways To Enhance Your Instagram Experience – Instagram is fun and not to mention darned popular! Plain, vanilla Instagram is cool, however, there’s a number of ways to enhance your Instagram experience. The following are add on apps, tools and cool services that enable the user to integrate and add functionality to your Instagram experience
  6. Event of Interest – Mobile Engagement in Retail (September 13-14, Denver) is the one-stop show that brings together tech companies, service providers, marketing agencies and senior retail technologists to shape the mobile future of retail. This event will explore proximity-based mobile marketing methods, next-generation payments and how to win big with social-mobile engagement – specifically in a retail environment. Topics up for debate include QR codes, Location Based Marketing, NFC, Mobile Payments, RFID, DOOH, Coupons and Loyalty.
  7. Free Guide – Your Guide to Google Analytics – Do you own a website or a blog? If so, do you have any idea how many visitors you get each day? And even if you’ve installed a counter and you’ve figured out how to gauge your traffic, do you have any idea where your visitors are coming from, what browsers most of them use, what search engines they use, or which of your pages is the most popular? These are the things that Google Analytics can do for you.
  8. GIS/Geo career Opportunity – GIS Software Developer, Colorado – This Developer will be a key member of the small, agile development team who use a variety of cutting edge technologies. Additionally, this position will help integrate GIS functionality into an existing SOA framework.
  9. Must Have Government RFP and Tender Resources For Doing Business in Canada – I suggest you search your local resources for these, however, there’s also a number of official Provincial government resources of interest.
  10. JOB OPPORTUNITY GIS Coordinator Job, ME – This is advanced technical services work in operating and training other personnel to operate the Geographic Information System (GIS); assisting with natural research analysis; and developing, maintaining, validating, and updating the GIS database. Work is performed under general supervision.