The World’s Most Rugged Tablet from getac – Take That Otterbox!

Who Says Your Tablet Can’t Be Tough?  With consumer tablets dropping in price basically to a point where they are disposable to some companies, there’s much demand on folks to use consumer grade hardware for enterprise functionality… perhaps that may make sense, however, there’s many jobs that simply demand a tough unit – don’t be making a bad choice and getting stuck in the field with no hardware. Tablet computers are all the rage, however, don’t you dare even think about dropping your iPad or android device, even if you have it covered up in an Otterbox or other form of protection… you may get some protection from those, however, you’ll never make it even as close as rugged as this bad boy from Getac – enter the 7″ Getac Z710 with LumiBondTM technology.

The Z710 is optimized for viewing in the sun, can be used with gloves on thanks to amazing touch sensor technology, has built-in connectivity via 3G, WiFi, Barcode reader, RFID, Bluetooth and boasts SiRFstarIV GPS. The device can also withstand  6-foot drops and operating in temperatures from -20oCelcius to 50oC – lets see you do that in your Otterbox wrapped iPad!

See more extensive details and specs HERE