The sea ice massacre in the Arctic

Details of an interesting presentation from Paul Beckwith of the U Ottawa – sea ice massacre…details over last month from ice flow patterns. From Paul… Sea ice is still on the path to complete destruction by September 30th, 2012. In the beginning of August two different cyclones merged to form one massive cyclone that had maximum ice destruction on August 7th. This cyclone churned up and mechanically ripped up the ice, brought warm salty water up from depth to increase melting, and exported huge amounts of ice out into the Atlantic Ocean. A further cyclone cause additional destruction which peaked on August 19th. Since then the “normal” ice flow patterns consisting of the Beaufort Gyre and Trans-polar Drift have been exporting large quantities of ice out into the Atlantic via the Fram Strait north of Greenland. Details are found in this presentation (Google Doc – PDF)

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