Louisiana – Seven Years After Hurricanes Katrina And Rita

Amazing that already we’re headed into September and with that another hurricane season is upon us (I’ve always been somewhat of a hurricane tracker since my days living on the Gulf Coast). Hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since Hurricanes Katrina And Rita and get this, during that time FEMA has spent some $19 billion in rebuilding and recovery in Louisiana State. This financial update has been provide by FEMA.

To assist in rebuilding disaster-damaged public infrastructure, FEMA’s Public Assistance Program has provided approximately $11.5 billion for the restoration of roughly 23,669 Katrina and Rita recovery projects throughout Louisiana. Such FEMA aid has enabled significant impacts across various public sectors, including approximately:

  • $3.9 billion for education and learning facilities
  • $1.1 billion for public safety facilities
  • $5.4 billion for general infrastructure (e.g., roads, transportation, parks and sewerage and water facilities)
  • $1.1 billion for health care facilities

For more info see  the seventh anniversary of hurricanes Katrina and Rita: www.fema.gov/la7year .

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New Orleans map - vertical profile

This image is worth 1,000 words! Vertical profile shows where the city of New Orleans is positioned relative to Lake Ponchaltrain and the Mississippi River (Source: flhurricane.com)

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