Create Your Own Watercolor Map With Stamen Tools

Everyone loves maps, particularly the GeoGeek… but there’s also some amazing map art out there and when you think of maps and art you have to also think about the amazing stuff that comes from Stamen… case in point, their watercolor maps (think cool, OSM basemap in a watercolor style). Check out the watercolor map of my area (thanks @cageyjames for a reminder about this one!) and you can also head to stamen and create your own… fun stuff! See

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2 Responses to Create Your Own Watercolor Map With Stamen Tools

  1. KMS says:

    Is there a way to save the map created other than taking a screenshot of the image?

  2. FQF says:

    @ KMS: Though there is certainly a learning curve, you can use the Stamen basemaps with Quantum GIS ( tutorial:

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